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SakhaaAn Egyptian company with a joint capital of a group of Arab and Egyptian investors. It was established in 2018 Commercial Registration No. 120362. It is a specialized company in the field of export, contracting, brokerage and commercial agencies. The company is always keen to develop its products and work diligently to provide its services to its customers in a distinctive way. By providing high quality products according to internationally accepted standards. We are keen on speeding up implementation in order to benefit our customers by providing export, brokerage and commercial agencies. It is worth noting that in our leading company we export all Egyptian, Sudanese, Ethiopian and Saudi products through our strategic relations and partnerships around the world.



To Build a strategic partnerships with our customers and to be the best in providing diversified and distinctive services to and best quality standards.



To perform our works professionally and creatively and excellence in all services provided to our customers



  • Leadership in providing export, brokerage and commercial agencies services.
  • Become one of the top 10 companies in its field.
  • Providing a privileged level of service.
  • Develop and diversify the areas of services provided to our customer.